EMPR® Australia is committed to ongoing growth and improvement.
Recognized by HP as the No.1 genuine HP Parts e-commerce system in Australasia, EMPR® Australia has constantly sought out technologies which will provide innovation to the marketplace.
We have established a quality management system based on the requirements of AS/ISO 9001:2008 Quality management systems.

Genuine HP Authorised Parts Reseller Australia

EMPR® Australia has an established e-commerce site that is a searchable platform containing over 100,000 distinct items which are organised by product families and categories.
EMPR® Australia provides its customers with an efficient way of procuring product online via the internet through real time product availability, pricing and technical information. It also can provide product quoting that can be saved and retrieved at a later date for ordering, saving valuable time when re-ordering if a customer is successful when quoting their own customers.

Genuine Toshiba Parts Authorised Reseller Australia

The success of the online HP EMPR store has built the foundation for the transfer of technology to a new e-commerce platform for Toshiba.
A key focus of EMPR was to offer its existing customer base better access to Toshiba Parts and accessories using modern search technology and categorisation of parts.
New investments in call handling software as well as business management applications ensure more channels for ordering genuine parts and more efficient inventory management, distribution and reporting.
Additionally, EMPR has provided continuously improved service through the selection and management of innovative suppliers. For example, one of the criteria of the third party supplier’s system is that it can be interrogated online to immediately get a response regarding dealings such as confirming pickup, depot handling, and delivery tracking.


EMPR® Australia is focussed on both inventory management and distribution.
By reducing lead times on genuine parts distribution to our customer base, EMPR® Australia has developed a reputation which has not only attracted more customers, but also the large hardware manufacturing companies such as Toshiba and HP.
We have developed complete and effective all-round distribution processes based on :

  • Our ability to sell a large range and volume of genuine parts, both online or by phone
  • Implementing Return Material Authorisation and Parts Order Cancellation systems online
  • Leveraging maximum value from the quality or our relationships with companies like HP, Toshiba and IBM
  • Ensuring the channels from our company to the customer as well as returning parts from our customers back to the manufacturer are seamless

EMPR® Australia remains committed to improving our parts distribution systems by implementing latest technologies. At the same time, we are constantly gathering feedback from our customer base through effective mutual communication.


EMPR® Australia is committed to ongoing technology improvements.
By continually updating the technology used within EMPR, we make sure our staff have the best tools at hand to service our customers as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Technical Developments

EMPR® Australia continues to improve its service through technical developments.
We are proud to have completed the development of an online genuine parts ordering system with customer focused attributes:

  • Genuine Parts Order Cancellation System
  • Return Material Authorisation System
  • Account Management Tools
  • Credit Facilities
  • Volume Discounting

We have implemented SAP Business One to improve efficiency and integrate all core business functions across EMPR including financials, sales, CRM, inventory and operations.
The change to SAP B1 will help us meet the needs of our customers better. The system can now provide consumption based reporting to help forecast required levels of stock for companies. As well, the delivery system has improved response time and delivery agents.
EMPR® Australia has opened a new facility in Melbourne, Victoria. The expansion into Melbourne will allow us to better serve our customers as there is now an even larger capacity to hold more stock, therefore room to expand.