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How Cisco’s New Encrypted Traffic Analytics Protect Your Network

Protect your network and files from unauthorized access by taking every possible step to prevent hackers from compromising your systems. Cisco has just announced the release of its encrypted traffic analytics (ETA) software that will stop attacks in their tracks and move you out of harm’s way. While hackers will encrypt malicious files and exploits […]

Lenovo ThinkSystem servers set world records

Lenovo’s ThinkSystem servers incorporate the latest Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors, and the new hardware combinations have set 88 world records. The world records for ThinkSystem SR950 and SR650 were in Big Data Analytics, Infrastructure/Virtualisation, Business Processing, Energy Efficiency, and others.

HP Launches Worlds Most Powerful Workstation

Hewlett-Packard released the HP Z8 G4 workstation that has a reputation as one of the most powerful systems available today. The enhanced security protocols make this one of the most desirable and manageable systems available, as it addresses the most pressing requirements that are in-demand across different professions.

Cybersecurity In The Workplace Is Everybody’s Business

Cybersecurity must be a focus at every level of modern organizations. In the modern office world, employees are jumping between websites and applications all day long, accessing them from both company-owned equipment and their own mobile devices. Cybersecurity should be a priority at all levels of the organization to secure themselves from cyber threats.

RDP Browser-Based Remote Working and its Future

IT managers everywhere are familiar with the pitfalls of managing remote workers. Historically they’ve had to rely on a sometimes-complicated mix of remote access solutions, which provided a gateway to terminal servers inside the business network. While a broader move to cloud-based delivery services has provided some simplification, it hasn’t fixed everything. One of the […]