Thank you for purchasing your replacement battery from EMPREMPR-HP-Battery

Please follow these steps to gain the best possible usage from your new battery:

  • Please charge the battery for a full 12 hours before using
  • Batteries must be fully charged and discharged a few times before they will condition to full capacity
  • Fully charge and fully drain your battery every few months
  • Keep the battery and contacts clean
  • Do Not – drop, open, short circuit, burn or allow the battery to get wet

If you experience issues such as the new battery not being detected or not charging please check the following:

  • Update the system BIOS to the latest revision. You will need to go to your system manufacturer’s website and find the appropriate update files for your system. Please make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and seek help from professional IT Technicians if you are not experienced. Incorrect usage can render your system unusable.
  • If you have the latest BIOS you may need to re-initialise the battery ID by removing the battery and AC power from the laptop and then holding the power button down for approximately 30 seconds. Replace the battery and AC power and turn On as normal.

This is due to newer battery technologies, capacities and revisions being introduced which the system cannot identify.
The BIOS update and/or system reset allows the system to see and charge these new types of batteries.

Please check with your local council on how to dispose of your old battery in an environmental friendly way.