New Online Quote Feature

At EMPR we are constantly working towards enhancing our customer’s online shopping experience. The most recent addition to our online store is the “PDF Quote” option. This feature can be used by guest as well as logged in customers visiting our online store for genuine HP Inc, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Toshiba , Lenovo, Lexmark ASUS parts. Once you have logged in and added items to your cart, clicking on the “PDF Quote” button will instantly generate a quote with all your company details. You can download and share the PDF quotation with your staff for approval or further actions.

This feature provides you with all necessary information as listed below: –

  • Parts description & quantity
  • Price (ex GST & Total Cart value incl of GST)
  • Parts Availability
  • Shipping Charges

Access this function in 3 easy steps: –

  1. Find parts you need through our user-friendly product search filter
  2. Add items to cart and proceed to check-out
  3. Click “PDF Quote” on bottom left corner of page

This feature has helped us serve our customers more efficiently.

“Request for quotes” via emails and phone calls has significantly reduced, freeing up our customer service team to attend to customers who are needing phone or live chat support.

Being able to generate an instant quote online means customers can now skip the queue completely, no longer needing to contact EMPR customer service team and wait in a queue just to get a quote. A definite time saver for both the customer and EMPR customer service team.

We at EMPR look forward to enhancing all areas of our business in 2016 and this feature is just the start of that journey. Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter and or brand exclusives, subscribe here.