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Lithium Battery Shortages

Following a number of incidents involving Lithium Batteries that resulted in outburst of fires & explosions on passenger and cargo planes, the Aviation authorities has recently enforced an immediate ban on all Lithium batteries on planes.

“Federal Aviation Administration tests show a single damaged or defective battery can experience uncontrolled temperature increases that can spread throughout a shipment. It’s not unusual for tens of thousands batteries to be shipped in a single cargo container.

In FAA tests, the overheating batteries have released explosive gases that, when ignited, have blown the doors off cargo containers and sent boxes of batteries hurtling through the air before becoming engulfed in flames.” (Source: Boston Globe)

EMPR are experiencing extended shipment delays of Lithium batteries as a result of the recent ban enforced by the aviation authorities.

EMPR currently have limited stock of lithium batteries in our Australian & New Zealand warehouses. We apologise for this stock shortage and will provide customers with an update once we have further information on ETA.

Need New Lithium Batteries?

Some customers may find the lithium battery they want is in stock, whilst others may not. Where lithium batteries of genuine brands are out of stock, EMPR may have a compatible battery available to offer customers.

The steps below will guide customers in need of lithium batteries.

Step 1 – Search for your battery online at store.emprgroup.com.au (store.emprgroup.co.nz – NZ Store)

Step 2- Consider compatible batteries if available

Step 3 – Sign up to “EMPR Battery Notification” list to be notified of any updates

Step 4 – Shop around


Step 1 – Search for your battery online at store.emprgroup.com.au or (store.emprgroup.co.nz – NZ Store)

EMPR still have limited stock of genuine brand Lithium batteries so the first step is to check our online store at store.emprgroup.com.au or store.emprgroup.co.nz and do a search by entering the part number. If the part number shows the item is out of stock, proceed to step 2 below.

Step 2 – Consider compatible batteries

To assist customers, EMPR have made available a number of batteries that are compatible.

These parts may be displayed beneath the item which you searched for.

If no compatible batteries are displayed and you’d like to consider this option, please email sales@emprgroup.com.au or sales@emprgroup.co.nz (NZ email) with the genuine lithium battery part you are after and our friendly customer service team will check if we have a compatible option. Once done, proceed to step 3.

Step 3 – Sign up to “EMPR Battery Notification”

Sign up to “EMPR Battery Notification” and we’ll update you once we have further information regarding ETA and stock availability of Lithium batteries.

Sign up to EMPR Battery Notification

Step 4 – Shop Around

If EMPR is out of stock of the lithium battery you are after and a compatible battery is not an option for you, we suggest you then shop around. It may take some time and effort but if you call enough IT suppliers big and small, you just might find what you’re after. Good luck on your hunt!

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