EMPR IT Web Development Updates

EMPR Store Site Updates

Recently the EMPR IT development team have completed a framework update of our E-Commerce websites, store.emprgroup.com.au and store.emprgroup.co.nz.

This update has brought the following features/enhancements:-

  • Improved security as both sites now use the latest TLS 1.2 encryption standard, as mandated by the Payment Card Industry for 2017, and Paypal by June 2017.
    This means we encrypt any sensitive data with the latest encryption standards. Qualys SSL Labs gives us an overall rating of A on their SSL Report.
  • Improve site speed and responsiveness through use of latest generation server hardware and SSD hard drives, Content Delivery Networks to store and deliver static image files and code optimisation to reduce on-page requests from 140+ to under 60.
    All of these elements together allows users to find any of the 500,000+ parts we list faster than ever.
  • Easier access to updated order information through a new Order Details lookup tool,
    AU – http://store.emprgroup.com.au/allOrders.aspx and NZ – http://store.emprgroup.co.nz/allOrders.aspx
    By using your Order Number, Order Date and Customer Code that is emailed to you when you place an order, you can look up the latest information for your order such as what has been shipped or any updates to estimated time of arrival (ETA) for parts not in stock.
  • Ongoing adding of linking data or substitutions for HPE Parts, HP Parts, Lenovo Parts, Toshiba Parts, Lexmark Printer Parts and Asus Parts.
  • Ongoing adding of part images to help identify spare parts.

As always, the IT team are looking at ways to improve our websites and we will post future enhancements from the IT Shed on the EMPR Group corporate website.