How do I find a replacement part for my device?

Unlike buying an accessory for your device where you need to check some basic criteria, searching for and buying a suitable replacement part requires exact details otherwise things just won’t fit or work. EMPR as an authorised reseller and distributor for HP, HPE, Lenovo, Toshiba and Lexmark means we utilise model/product data direct from these manufacturers ensuring the correct parts are available to order.

The EMPR Store websites have multiple ways to search and find the correct replacement part you require:-

The quickest way is using our main Search Box (Image 1.) and entering in (1.1) your existing Part Number or Model Number from your device.

EMPR Search Box Help

Image 1

  • Part Number – Searching for your existing part number will either find it still available, or show a substitute or alternate part number that should be compatible. If this returns no results try the Model Number search instead.
  • Model Number – Searching by this will show ALL the parts we have available for this model device. You will still need to filter/find the actual part from the list.
    Note: Manufacturers may call this different things – HP “Product”, Lenovo “MTM or Model Name”, Toshiba “Model No”.

How do I find my Model Number?

As this is the best way to find or confirm replacement parts we have a help page (link is under search box, Image 1, link at 1.1) to help you find the model number of your device – AU & NZ

Searched – No Results Found?

At times, we may not have your Part or Model information available on our website, and so searching by these won’t return any results. If this happens, your best option is to contact our sales teams and providing them your device serial and model numbers. Our sales staff will check via some additional tools we have from our technology parts to help identify your replacement parts.

Also sometimes parts are just no longer available or were not sold within AU/NZ meaning we don’t have access to parts or information from our technology partners.

We do provide other search tools too, which may assist you in finding the parts you require, but your model number should be used to confirm it is 100% compatible with your device.