Which Lenovo Workstation is right for your team?

When Chinese PC manufacturer Lenovo assumed the personal computer business of IBM more than a decade ago, some analysts were skeptical about its ability to live up to expectations; after all, IBM’s reputation as a provider of business workstations was legendary.

Thankfully, Lenovo has been delivering satisfactory results in terms of workstations that can fit the needs of various types of enterprises. Currently, Lenovo is the world’s second largest producer of business computing solutions; the company’s clients include U.S. universities, factories, and major banks.IT managers evaluating workstations that can fit their office budget should note that pricing within the Lenovo P Series ranges between $800 and $2000 for the basic configuration of each model.

Entry-Level Workstations

The new P Series of Lenovo workstations start with the small form factor P310, which is also available in tower version. These very affordable business computers are powered by Intel Xeon E3-1280 processors and can be equipped with hard disk storage as large as 4 TB plus 64 GB of RAM. The P310 workstations can handle CAD/CAM applications, web development and all general office tasks.

The ThinkStation P410

Although this workstation is considered to be an entry-level business machine, the P410 delivers more power than its competitors. The tower configuration can accommodate up to 10 hard drives, which means that it can also be adjusted for virtualization and shared computing for more than one user. This workstation would be ideal for financial operations that require reliable PC solutions.

The ThinkStation P710

This dual-processor Intel Xeon machine can be configured to handle up to 48 TB of storage distributed among 12 hard drives. The motherboard has 12 slots that can accept a total of 192 GB of DDR4 memory, which is considered to be the best performer in the market. Just about any type of media device can be connected to the P710 thanks to its 9-in-1 media card with optional Firewire and Thunderbolt ports. This machine is perfect not just for office settings but also for scientific research, music and video editing, advanced database operations, architectural design, laboratory work, and more.

The ThinkStation P910

The most powerful machine in the Lenovo P Series can be customized to handle any task. Powered by the Xeon E5-2600 v4 dual processor, the P910 has enough space to accommodate 512GB of DDR4 memory. The storage capacity can be expanded to 48 TB distributed among 14 hard disk drives. In terms of graphics processing power, the P910 can be equipped with up to three NVIDIA® Quadro® M5000 graphic cards, which feature 24 GB of vRAM each. This workstation has standard, legacy and next-generation ports for any kind of media or connectivity devices. This machine will always stay cool and ready to handle any task that requires significant processing power. The P910 can also be equipped with high-quality HPE Enterprise parts.

The workstations above can be complemented with the ThinkPad P series line of portable devices, which currently include the P50 and P70 high-performance laptops as well as the groundbreaking P40 Yoga, a hybrid tablet that is perfect for graphic design professionals.

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