7 Ways HPE Proliant Hard Drives Are Worth The Investment

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) has been producing high-end computer hardware since the late 1970s, and since the 1990s has been at the forefront of professional server construction. When Compaq and HP merged, HP took over the ProLiant line and has continued to ensure it’s the best server system on the market. So why are these ProLiant hard drives so great?

1. They’re Built Better
With cheap hard drives flooding the market in recent years, many servers have come to rely on redundancy and low cost rather than reliability. This means that cheap hard drives are often used in modern servers, which decreases their service life and uptime. ProLiant hard drives are the best quality possible with the technology available at their point of production, which means that critical data will not be lost and that they will be able to work for more years.

2. They Have A High Uptime
Because they’re built so well, ProLiant hard drives rarely fail, which means the servers which use them will be up almost all of the time. This makes them critical for high traffic websites, which can’t afford to lose time when drives need to be replaced, or servers need to switch to backup drives.

3. They Have Excellent Read Speed
The usage of high-quality materials in construction mean that ProLiant drives can spin faster without incident when compared to cheaper systems. This increases load time and also enables servers to handle more customers more quickly without incident.

4. They Have A Strong Pedigree
ProLiant drives have been manufactured since the 1990s, and even back in the Compaq days, there was an emphasis on build quality. This has helped the ProLiant hard drives obtain an almost mythical status among the server community as strong, reliant drives which last a very long time.

5. They’ve Sold Very Well
If the market is any indication of what server hard drives are best, then the ProLiant line is a standout. Dominating the market entirely in 2010, they continue to sell very well, leading to a large pool of new and used servers which rely on them. This also means that they have effectively been well field-tested, and their success there continues to produce high demand.

6. They’re Power Efficient
ProLiant drives do not waste a lot of energy as heat when compared to other options, which means that they not only keep running costs down, they are less likely to break due to temperature problems. Heat-related failure is very common in cheap drives, whose components can’t handle high temperatures for extended periods. This is not an issue in the cool-running ProLiant drives, which keep themselves well below dangerous heat levels.

7. They’re The Most Reliable On The Market
Time and again, tests have shown that the ProLiant drives consistently outperform against the competition, even when compared to other high-priced rivals. This means that they are not only a sound investment today but that they will continue to be a sound investment well into the future. They are slow to wear out and can provide years or even decades of service before replacement.

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