5 Reasons Why Windows Will Always Be The Choice For Enterprise.

Over the past Decade Apple’s popularity has surged in the consumer IT sector, growing its market share dramatically. However, will Apple ever break into the enterprise market? Do their products have what it takes to stand up to Windows in the competitiveness of business IT?
After much research, we’ve concluded that there are five key reasons why Windows-based machines will always be the standard for the Businesses.

1. Total market share

As of Q2, 2016, Apple only had a 7.64% share in the PC space, vs. over 90% that is currently divided between manufacturers who all run Windows as their primary operating system. Although these sorts of trends have reversed in the past (Look at what Apple did with the iPhone vs. Nokia), it’s highly unlikely as when they turned the phone market around they were new to the industry and had the element of surprise on their side.

2. Upfront Investment

On average, an Apple computer of the same spec as a Windows machine costs between 30-60% more. While consumers can easily be swayed by the styling and emotional appeal that Apple puts in its products, business buyers are far more logical in their approach. Simply put – Why would a purchasing officer sign off on spending 30-60% more when they aren’t getting much more for their money.

3. Upgradability

Most businesses run a 3-5 year lifespan on their computer equipment to make the financials stack up. The only way that this is possible is through strategic upgrades of key components from time to time such as replacing batteries, increasing RAM, boosting storage space & even replacing CPU’s. The ability to make these cost-saving upgrades is exclusive to Windows-based machines and is something you simply can’t do with Mac’s.

4. Easy Integrations

Windows and Windows-based systems are the industry standard across the hardware world. Whether it’s your printer network, security system or your new video conferencing system most enterprise products are built from windows first development structure.

5. Enterprise Software

For the past 25 years, enterprise software companies like Oracle have been building the systems that quietly run the world have been in nearly exclusively on the.NET framework of windows. The cost of transitioning many of these behemoth sized software products through to any other code base would cost tens of millions, which simply makes it a task that most businesses will never undertake.
So while Apple has taken the consumer markets by storm and has become the largest hardware manufacturer in the world, it’s highly unlikely that they’ll ever make a dent in the world of business IT.

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