HPE PROLIANT DL380, GEN9 – Best General Use Server Of 2016

Searching for the right server technology for your data centre can be a trying experience. Competing concerns like cost, processing power, memory and electricity consumption can make finding the right hardware a stressful and tedious experience. Hewlett Packard Enterprise has made this task easier with the HPE ProLiant DL380 Gen9, winner of the CRN Best Server of 2016. Engineered for general use and highly extensible, the ProLiant server can be customised to fit any use case or budget.

After conducting a thorough analysis of the market for previous DL380 servers, HPE made some design changes to the Gen9 to fit evolving business needs. The Gen9 ditched support for older processors but can still pack up to 22 E5-2600 v3 Intel Xeon processors, and easy customization allows your business to scale as its demands change. Storage options have also changed dramatically. The DL380 supports three blocks of eight SFF hard drives. Two additional hot-swap SFF ports are available on the back of the chassis, and the Gen9 server can handle an additional 12 LFF hard drives.

Memory is essential to modern computing, and it has never been less expensive. The ProLiant DL380 Gen9 supports DIMMs up to 128 GB, allowing you to install a whopping 3 TB of memory into the machine. 32 GB DIMMs will still enable you to install 768 GBs of DDR4 RAM. USB 2 and VGA ports are available on the universal media bay for greater customization options and extensibility. A flexible LOM allows you to link your machine to the network using quad gigabit cards or 10 GbE mezzanine cards. For all of these features, customization is key. The ProLiant DL380 Gen9 allows you to select which components best fit your needs, and allows for easy upgrades when you need to scale.

Concerns over carbon footprints and utility costs have led to an increase in demand for green computing technology. The ProLiant Dl380 Gen9 fits that bill, consuming a very modest 90W during idle operations and ratcheting up to 352W under extremely high demand. For regular firmware upgrades, customers will require an HP service support license, but any critical updates will be immediately distributed and installed by Hewlett-Packard Enterprise. For monitoring and improving the health of your system, the iLO4 software is now connected to other components via a gigabit port. This software can monitor multiple servers at the same time and connects easily to the OneView dashboard. For those who need cloud monitoring, these servers are InSight compatible.

With all these great features, there’s no reason for you to spend months searching for the right server technology. The ProLiant DL380 Gen9 is well suited to handling any of the tasks modern businesses require, from big data to large-scale application hosting. This easily scalable server is available from EMPR Group, where the technical team can install the right components for your needs. Knowledgeable customer service representatives can answer any of your questions, and help you find the right components for your budget.