5 Reasons Lenovo Laptops Are The Business Standard

Lenovo has built quite a name for itself as the industry-standard for business laptops. With reliable, tried-and-true products, Lenovo stands out as an industry leader in the world of professional laptops. Rather than take these claims at face value, though, let’s consider why Lenovo’s products are so widely popular.

1. Exceptional Keyboards

While it may seem like a minor detail, a laptop’s keyboard is an essential part of its functionality. Lenovo’s ThinkPad keyboard design has set a standard that other companies like Apple and HP have yet to match. With large, curved keys and a high sensitivity, the ThinkPad series offers laptops that are ideal for typing out lengthy meeting notes without needing to look or be slowed down by slow, unresponsive keys.

2. Tenacious Innovation

As any businessperson knows, staying current means staying on top. Lenovo’s R&D team is well-known for being relentless in their pursuit of the next big thing, which is why a Lenovo laptop is guaranteed to have the latest in cutting-edge technology. When an idea is proposed, it must first be vetted by the Innovation Committee before going into a specific operational sector, and this highly-selective process is precisely why Lenovo has won more than 100 creative design awards for their innovative new technologies.

3. High Functionality

When you’re on a Skype call with an international client or partner, the last thing you want is for your laptop to become overwhelmed by your demands and suddenly crash. Thankfully, Lenovo laptops use high-performing Intel Processors to make sure that you’re not going to find yourself without a laptop halfway through your day. Whether you’re hosting international business calls or just writing up detailed reports, the processing power of a Lenovo should be more than enough to meet your needs.

4. Battery Life

When your day is filled with business meetings, even if you’re staying in your office building, you may not have time to charge your laptop before every activity. Lenovo laptops like the ThinkPad X260, however, eliminate the need to constantly be on the hunt for a charger. Thanks to innovative design plans, this laptop has two slots for batteries, which means you can literally double the length of your charge. With this exceptional battery life, there will be no more desperately seeking an outlet or being chained to a desk.

5. Reasonable Pricing

Low price alone should never be a motivation for buying a product, but it can be a nice bonus for an already-impressive purchase. Because Lenovo knows how to maximize their efficiency without squandering resources on unnecessary additives, their laptops are consistently more affordable than other popular brands. For a small business or someone looking to outfit an entire office, this price point can be a huge help.

Trust Your Peers

There’s a reason that Lenovo has received thousands of raving reviews from satisfied business professionals. With features that simplify the everyday life of white collar workers, there’s a reason that all other business laptops are held to the Lenovo standard. For all Lenovo parts, you can always contact EMPR Group – Lenovo’s authorised parts distributor in Australia & New Zealand.