Build or Buy: Which Best Suits Your Server Needs

Building vs. buying is an age-old conundrum for businesses and individuals alike. One is often initially less expensive than the other, but the comparisons don’t stop there. Sometimes what might seem like the more expensive option turns out to be the better plan in the long run. So how can an IT professional gauge their decision making and make sure they are making the best possible choice given budgets, schedules and the goals of the enterprise?

What’s the Difference?

Buying computer hardware is very much like buying a new car. You get in, turn the key and drive home. You can choose certain options, but you can’t go very far from the vehicle itself. You can’t put a roll cage on your new sports coupe, for example. Building data center hardware is more like going to the junkyard and finding the parts one by one. Some will fit, others may need to be modified to fit. Eventually, you’ll have a car, and it might even be a nice car, but it will be fairly unique compared to an off-the-lot model.

Then there is the bundle. Think of this option as buying a kit. There is some assembly required, but you can be certain all the parts have been pre-selected to fit together properly and provide you with the functionality you need.

Who’s Hardware Is It?

If you do decide you want to strike out into the technology world with a completely unique and customized system, you may find the three-year and five-year costs exceed the cost-savings you thought you gained when you built it in the first place. Data center hardware lives and dies on uptime. Unless you can rely on Johnny-on-the-spot service, chances are very good you may have a prolonged period of downtime.

Server bundles are standardized enough that they can be serviced by third parties in a standard way, meaning you don’t have to be personally responsible for keeping each and every part of your machine running. You will find having the ability to outsource your support advantageous in the future, especially if you plan on incorporating your hardware in a growing business.

Built To Serve

With a heavy-duty computer, you have options on the hardware and on the software side, so you should be keenly aware of the basic compatibility questions long before you get to the point where you are making decisions. Fundamentally speaking, all software problems are inherently hardware problems, which is one of the reasons bundles have become so popular. What you will find is you end up with the best of both worlds: You can still retain the freedom to choose some options, but you don’t have to sacrifice the benefits of civilization and wander out into the desert in order to accomplish your goal.

Technology purchases are difficult enough without creating easily solved problems for yourself. Unless you have plenty of budgets or plenty of time to spare, compromise is generally your best bet, and that compromise will often be found in a good quality server bundle. At EMPR Group we specialize in taking care of all your enterprise needs through custom solutions. You can contact our Enterprise Sales team now for a quote on 1300 134 324 or email