HPE, Hedvig announce hybrid cloud storage partnership

HPE Partners with Hedvig to Provide Hybrid Cloud Storage Services

Hewlett-Packard Enterprise (HPE) has partnered with Hedvig to create a cloud storage platform for Hewlett-Packard servers. Hedvig is a former Facebook and Amazon engineer and is popular for the creation of the Cassandra database. Hedvig’s software will be offered with Hewlett-Packards Apollo 4200 Servers as a distributed cloud storage service.

This new platform has two types of memory offerings, 48 TB and 96 TB configurations. The platform has been designed with a specific set of enterprises in mind. These are private, multi-data, and hybrid enterprise data centre clouds. According to Hedvigs, the configuration of the new platform will also support personal cloud storage for various hypervisors such as VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V.

Reports have also confirmed that the cloud storage platform will be compatible with cloud storage services which run on Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and Amazon Web Services (AWS). The new software is one of the first technologies to successfully merge separate storage tiers while unifying object, file, and block interfaces in one platform that rests on an API.

The merger is an important milestone for HPE since the company will be able to solve a problem that its enterprise clients have complained about for a long time. The approach is software-defined and will be useful for enterprises that process heavy workloads of data on the cloud.

A Processing-Driven On-Premise Environment

Hedvig has stated that the clients will have an opportunity to use an environment that resembles the AWS platform. As an illustration, he stated that a big retailer who is searching for a way to pair HPE Moonshot servers with the Hedvig cloud software will solve the problem effortlessly.

With the new platform, this will be as easy as creating a self-service cloud developer. All this is possible due to the on-premises AWS-like milieu that allows a developer to get on the system and make a request for storage in real time. These capabilities will reduce delays and frustrations that such clients have had to deal with in the past.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Hedvig will allow firms to create cloud processing solutions on the go. The functionality will be like the EFS, S3 and AWS EBS. The clients expect that the new platform will solve the existing security issues as well as improve the processing performance significantly. The development opens new opportunities for developers as they interact with a true elastics AWS cloud.

Persistent Services

Hedvig offers persistent storage services meaning that container infrastructure will be well-supported. Persistent cloud storage services ensure that the Docker storage containers are stateful. Also, it ensures support for other features such as DevOps and Microservices.

HP is not investing in a platform that is unknown to the company. The company’s Pathfinder investment arm gave a contribution to Hedvig’s March funding campaign. All in all, Hedvig has been able to raise about $52 million in funding.

The new platform will first be rolled out for the Apollo 4200 Servers. Support for ProLiant, Project Moonshot, and HP Apollo 4500 will be offered later. HP and Hedvig have priced the platform at $115 for every terabyte annually. The only other charges that you will incur are the hardware costs.

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