3 New Lenovo Products Worth The Upgrade

People who buy Lenovo products are often more than customers. Buyers are most often loyal followers of this impressive Chinese technology brand with an impressive history of delivering high-quality desktops, laptops, workstations, tablets, smartphones and electronic storage devices.

Never a company to rest on its personal computing laurels, the brand continues to churn out exciting upgrades to eager tech users. This year is no different. The company has released several new products recently. Following are just three of Lenovo’s latest offerings that are worth the upgrade.

1. ThinkPad X1 Carbon

This major brand kicked off 2017 by building on its stalwart laptop, the ThinkPad. Featuring a long tradition as a reliable but basic computing machine, the company has stepped up this laptop family’s power and specifications to a line that was once thought of as a solid workhorse. Laptop users can now enjoy business, fun and games in one speedy machine. The sleek ThinkPad X1 comes in black or silver and is as functional as it is beautiful. Gaming fans can enjoy more than 15 hours of battery life in a mere 2.5-pound laptop that has a 13-inch screen with 14-inch quality. Logging in to this gaming marvel is possible through fingerprint recognition or the upgraded face recognition camera. Users can look for the thunderbolt icons for their super fast and slim connection for lightning fast data transfer and equally zippy Wi-Fi connections.

2. Miix 720

The new Miix 720 is the perfect remedy for computer users looking for work-life integration. This smooth and chic machine is detachable, making it a fully-functioning laptop when all-together, but once detaching the keyboard, it becomes a portable touchscreen tablet. The Miix 720’s stylus, which is called the Active Pen 2, makes note-taking simple. Log-in is simple with Windows Hello facial recognition program, which relies on the integrated infrared camera for the unlocking process. Premier features include the crisp 12-inch display and the 7th Generation Intel Core i7 processor.

3. ThinkPad P Series of Workstations

When it is time to get serious on a major project that requires mobile workstations, the ThinkPad P series has everything scientists, architects, financial professionals, media moguls and other industry leaders need. The series comes in a range of sizes, according to the user’s needs. Featuring the perfect combination of high-performance and professional durability, speed, and capacity, busy professionals will find this upgrade a perfect complement to the launch of a new project that will take them across the globe.

Explore All the Exciting Possibilities

These three products are only the tip of the iceberg for this year’s exciting upgrades for this respected and reliable brand. Whether computer users need heavy-duty reliability for a large-scale and multifaceted project, or they simply want a lightning fast rig for playing the latest games, the company has a product that will perfectly suit the situation and leave the ever-loyal customer satisfied, as always.

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