Simple steps to protect your company during a cyber attack

You can never be completely safe when it comes to data security matters with the current rise in cases of cyber-attacks. These vicious attacks are a nightmare not only to individuals but also prominent organizations. Irrespective of personalities or business size, cyber-attacks are a menace. Cyber-attacks are vicious with a reason. Attackers not only invade your privacy but also put victims in vulnerable situations. For corporations, such attacks are brutal enough to bring them out of business. To individuals, the attacks have gone to the extent of causing the loss of many lives and huge debts arising from identity theft. However, you can reduce chances of such occurrences by instituting various cyber security measures as we will see in this piece.

Data encryption

It is widely known that hackers always seek info that they can leverage for a hefty payoff. Hence, activities surrounding bank routing digits and social security numbers are on their preference list. To prevent such operations from taking place, companies handling this critical information should adopt measures to have it encrypted.

The company’s IT manager can just install or activate full-disk encryption tools in the company’s operating systems. The exercise is not demanding considering that it is under the surveillance of an expert, and it works to encrypt every file in every device drive without hindering its functionality. In addition, the IT expert should set a logging-out mechanism for all computers of the firm after few minutes without use to supplement the security measures. This way, hackers are locked out since they cannot access computers while they are logged off.

Hardware security

It is important to note that not all cyber-attacks are executed through the computer systems. The attack can also be made through physical or electronic equipment accessed illegally or stolen from the premises. In order to prevent the occurrence of such an instance, it is recommendable for a firm to ensure that its systems are physically locked up to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive information stored in a computer. A business can utilize the lock ports that ensure that devices remain tethered to a desk at all times. Besides, a firm can secure its server room with reliable locks in addition to USB security keys and hardware-based encryption.

Network Security

The IT manager can put in force the firm’s network design that enhances cyber-security. For starters, he can pin point the critical systems in the business and then apply network security controls, firewalls, and inspect traffic flow to them. Again, he could go a step further and protect the company’s Internet Edge.

Wireless connectivity is quite sensitive. For this reason, particular attention ought to be given through the use of secure authentication procedures. It should be based on individual credentials or personal certificates and proper guest access.

Knowledge of the risks

It’s quite hard to secure oneself from an unknown enemy, and the same concept applies to cyber-attacks. To have a sound security system, you must be well aware of the impending dangers. The IT specialist in any firm should have a full understanding of both the internal and external weaknesses that the company is exposed to in regard to data security. At the very least, having an idea of the means that a hacker can use or manipulate to gain entry into the company’s system is paramount to identifying the points of weakness. Besides, the IT manager should be aware of the existing cyber fraud schemes and threats exposed to the business.

The threat of cyber-attack is not an everyday event. Hence, many people tend to disregard its existence. However, its risk is immense and brings about a catastrophic impact on an individual’s life, business, and even big corporations. As a result, putting in force the above security measures can save you the troubles associated with cyber-attacks.

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