How Lenovo’s Latest Products Are Changing Reality With New Smart Devices

How Lenovo’s Latest Products Are Changing Reality with New Smart Devices

Lenovo announced the launch of its newest innovations that integrate artificial intelligence, using augmented and virtual realities, and allow peripheral devices to improve the usage. These devices change the game for lovers of high-tech devices because they’re reasonably priced for modern tech. Lenovo’s newest products make accessible intelligence powered tools to the bigger populace. They include:

  • 12-inch Yoga 720 Convertible
  • Miix 520 detachable
  • ThinkVision P27u monitor
  • Lenovo Mirage AR headset
  • Mixed Reality headset
  • Moto S smartphone
  • Tab 4 Home Assistant

What to expect from the new devices

12-inch Yoga Convertible

This laptop redefines the user’s interaction with the connectivity of smart peripherals. The laptop’s AI anticipates the user’s needs and offers relatable suggestions. The Yoga Convertible has a smart pen feature, voice recognition that detects sound from a distance, a security system that employs biometrics, and mixed reality options. The pen has a 4096-sensitivity level which produces sharp drawings and impressionable note writings. The voice recognition feature picks up instructions using Cortana from as far as 4 meters away. Cortana stores the user’s preferences, creating a smooth procession over time. The laptop weighs 1.37 kg and transforms at a 360° angle into a tablet. It runs on Windows 10 and uses an 8th generation i7 processor. It has a 13.9’’ frame and a 4K IPS touchscreen.

Miix 520 detachable

Miix expounds the user’s entertainment options using the Lenovo digital pen. It has an optional Worldview camera for 3D pictures. Miix 520 operates in Windows 10.

ThinkVision P27u monitor

The device has a sharp colour calibration that allows users to project content from another screen without losing its quality. It has a fast procession speed using Type C USB connections. The display is 4K and borderless with an optional sound modification bar.

Lenovo Mirage AR headset

The Lenovo Mirage headset offers Star Wars gamers a new 3D experience. The device uses a Tracking Beacon to detect the gamer’s movements during the game to provide stability and a safe gaming experience. Players can operate the game: Jedi Challenge, with commands, controls, and actions using Lightsaber’s two-button system, a creation of Anakin Skywalker, Rey and Luke Skywalker. Jedi Challenge is available on Android and iPhone stores.

The Mixed Reality headset

The headset is a PC’s extension which allows access to Microsoft Suite, internet connectivity, holo tours and a better watching experience of 3D, 4K and 360°. It has 100 VR titles and begins operating by connecting a USB to the PC.

Moto S Smartphone

Motorola’s latest phone has a pre-installed Amazon Alexa for digital assistance. The camera’s AR camera allows users to create animated photos or videos. The camera has a Land Detection feature for fast retrieval of an object’s information.

Home Assistant Pack

The Tab 4 Series allows users to operate the device using a voice detection Home Assistant app after connecting the Home Assistant Pack using a USB. It integrates the features of the previous packages, the Kid’s Pack and the Productivity Pack for a more balanced assistance. It has two microphones to detect distant sounds and utilizes Amazon’s Alexa for feedback. Lenovo is a Fortune 500 company worth $43 billion. It produces cutting-edge tech for a broad array of devices such as TVs, phones, servers, and workstations. Since its inception, Lenovo has risen among its predecessors to offer an unmatched experience to consumers.