HPE ProLiant Increases Hybrid Cloud Deployments

HPE ProLiant Increases Hybrid Cloud Deployments

On September 25th, 2017, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) made a statement to inform consumers of the availability of HPE ProLiant designed for Microsoft Azure Stack. It assists customers as well as service providers to run consistent Azure services on the HPE infrastructure using their data centres. This helps to simplify their hybrid information technology environments.

Most enterprises today manage and consume IT services across an infrastructure that combines the standard on-premises IT maintenance on private and public clouds. Because of this, IT needs to respond to developer and business initiatives with the required cloud speed to optimize the company’s perfect mix of IT and still manage to lower the capital and operational expenses.

By using HPE ProLiant customers can enjoy the following benefits: 

  • Run and manage Azure-consistent services on their premises. HPE ProLiant integrates HPE OneView, thus simplifying Azure Stack operations. This makes it easy to manage firmware and software updates, including monitoring system status. HPE infrastructure also offers the high speed and capacity needed to meet the demanding workloads from customers.
  • Link with Microsoft, HPE and third-party experts with the aim of planning, building, and managing hybrid clouds. The innovation centre for HPE-Microsoft Azure Stack has been opened to ensure that clients have a fantastic experience as they leverage Azure Stack across the HPE infrastructure, software as well as services. Customers can connect with Microsoft and HPE experts for technical, business planning, implementing the proof of concept, and test use cases.
  • Run Azure Stack services that are consumer based on easy billing and lower costs. The only provider that offers Azure Stack services as well as infrastructure in one invoice on consumption basis is HPE. HPE ProLiant can be combined with HPE Flexible capacity. It provides on-demand capability including consumption-based payments. Customers get the chance to alter their capacity as per their requirements, letting them pay only for whatever they consume.

HPE ProLiant enables companies to meet security, and compliance needs, modernize application development and attain excellent performance from on-premise infrastructure. HPE ProLiant offers an ideal platform for Azure Stack with 2400MHz memory speed, 768 MB RAM, and memory bandwidth that increases by 28 percent. Hence, these features help clients to run more workloads at a fast rate.

HPE Customisation for Azure Stack

Additionally, HPE for Azure Stack provides clients with the opportunity to customize their implementations. Some of the essential choices customers get include:

  • Processors that are suitable for any form of workload.
  • Configurations from 4-12 nodes – availed as single increments versus blocks of four. They let customers order a system that can meet their specific needs.
  • Choice of racks, storage and memory options, third-party networking switches, as well as power supply options that allow for a flawless integration into existing environments.
  • Customers can access a growing ecosystem for third-party and partner solutions and services that can address certain company needs.


Anyone can get the HPE ProLiant for Azure Stack now. Note that the Veeam Software solutions should be available in the first quarter calendar in the year 2018. EMPR also sells HPE ProLiant servers and Veeam Software Solutions. Click HERE for more information or contact us on 1300 134 324 or email enterprisesales@emprgroup.com.au