Cybersecurity In The Workplace Is Everybody's Business

Cybersecurity In The Workplace Is Everybody’s Business

Cybersecurity must be a focus at every level of modern organizations. In the modern office world, employees are jumping between websites and applications all day long, accessing them from both company-owned equipment and their own mobile devices. Cybersecurity should be a priority at all levels of the organization to secure themselves from cyber threats.

New threats from hackers and cybercriminals appear every day, and these attacks continue to grow larger in size. All employees should be aware of the types of threats they will encounter, and how to react if targeted. This is an activity that should be led by the organization’s Chief Information Security Officer and the team underneath that person.

Companies like TrendMicro, a leader in the technology security industry, are built to help organizations protect themselves from cyber attacks. Their experts can identify new threats and defend against them before company data is put at risk.

When developing cybersecurity policies and rolling them out to employees through a training program, the most common sources of cyber threats should be emphasized, along with the best practices for protecting against them.


Company systems and applications that connect to the internet have a high risk of being targeted with a cyber attack. Email servers are often vulnerable because attackers can pinpoint individual email addresses and disguise their intentions.

Employees must be diligent about verifying each email they receive. They should ensure it was sent by a known individual and contains no malicious content. Opening an unknown attachment or link can quickly launch a malware attack that would threaten the company’s entire network.


Passwords are an employee’s primary defence against intruders. Therefore, companies should institute password policies that require employees to set complex passwords that must be changed on a regular basis. Employees should never share passwords with anyone. Companies should restrict the use of group passwords for special tools and websites.

Mobile Devices 

Whether a company provides its employees with mobile devices or allows them to bring their own phones to work, policies must be in place to keep those devices secure. Organisations will make emails, documents, and other company data available to mobile devices through secure applications. Companies should also require employees to keep their devices up-to-date with the latest operating system. It is important to lock mobile devices with a passcode when they are not in use.

Social Engineering 

As hackers and cybercriminals continue to evolve their tactics, employees need to be on the lookout for social engineering attacks. These occur when attackers pretend to be someone the employee trusts to use them to gain access to a system. Social engineering attacks may surface through email, phone or other methods.

Employees should be skeptical of any request asking for access to company property or other critical business information. Companies should set up a hotline or helpdesk that employees can use when they suspect an attack.

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