Lenovo ThinkSystem servers set world records

Lenovo’s ThinkSystem servers incorporate the latest Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors, and the new hardware combinations have set 88 world records. The world records for ThinkSystem SR950 and SR650 were in Big Data Analytics, Infrastructure/Virtualisation, Business Processing, Energy Efficiency, and others.

The records represent performance advancements over earlier benchmarks and show Lenovo remains a global force in technology performance and innovation. The benchmarks cover all aspects of system development, including design, data management, analytics, and Java performance.

Lenovo’s record-breaking systems enable customers to run even the most demanding of workloads with improved efficiency and speed. As one example, the performance of the STAC-M3 suite is now seven times greater than previous equivalents. This is due to the incorporation of new Intel SSD DC P4800X Optane drives into the Lenovo cloud-optimised SR650 server. Therefore, customers in financial markets running structure data analytics or similar workloads will now receive their results faster than before. In financial markets, this time saving can translate into significant monetary benefits.

The latest Intel scalable processor core was designed to deliver tomorrow’s data centre requirements to today’s customers. Lenovo and Intel continue to collaborate extensively to ensure their customers’ transition to the new processor is seamless.

Lenovo’s award-winning ThinkAgile solutions and ThinkSystem servers are designed to help clients with their toughest workload challenges by reducing complexity, improving performance, and increasing reliability. Workloads fall naturally into one of five basic types: application development, data management, applications, web infrastructure, and IT infrastructure, and Lenovo has all these bases covered, as the many world records it holds demonstrates.

Part of the benchmarks also covered Lenovo’s XClarity Provisioning Manager. This system allows clients to select one of four modes of operation to best simplify otherwise complex processes, reduce time, and therefore increase productivity. A typical application for this could be a small business with no staff member dedicated to database administration. Such a business could select the operating mode that would optimise their systems to suit the company’s particular database needs. The operating modes have been developed over many years, and incorporate knowledge gained from Lenovo’s extensive workload and hardware experience.

Bev Clair, Vice President of Development and Quality, stated their customers increasingly rely on Lenovo’s expertise to help “tune their hardware, software, and applications.”

The 88 world record benchmarks demonstrate that the company continues to be innovative, and confirms Lenovo’s place as one of the world’s leading technology companies. Lenovo remains a global leader in data centre technology such as workstations, servers, networks, software, tablets and other small devices. The latest haul of world record benchmarks is another mark of their continued success.

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