HP Purchases Printer Business from Samsung: What Does it Mean for Consumers and Business Owners?

HP has long been a leader in the world of printers, and the company is making another strategic investment by purchasing Samsung’s printer business. With this strategic acquisition, HP is returning to its roots, and the company will soon be supplying consumers and business partners with top quality printers and print technologies.

In many ways, the purchase of the Samsung print business represents a return to the past for HP, but in other ways, it points the way to the future. HP has been undergoing somewhat of a renaissance lately, and it is clear the firm means to recapture its dominance in print technology.

In purchasing the printer business from Samsung, HP gains access to a world of printer technology, an investment that should pay handsome dividends in the future. Even in this world of cloud computing and on-demand software, printed documents are critical to the business world. HP understands that, and they aim to disrupt the A3 copier segment, a sector that is worth some $55 billion.

Specifically, acquiring Samsung’s printer business gave HP access to an expanded portfolio of multifunctional printers. These next-generation machines are designed to streamline business operations. This saves firms money and driving technology forward.

HP is well positioned in this arena, with devices that are reliable, affordable and easy to use. Recently, HP earned a reputation as a leader in customer service, cementing its place in the B2B marketplace. By buying the printer business from Samsung, HP hopes to grow even more in this space. By delivering an exceptional customer experience to existing Samsung customers, HP aims to dominate the printer marketplace.

In some ways, purchasing Samsung’s printer business represents HP returning to its roots. It has long been a leader in the world of desktop printers for consumers and large format printers for businesses. But in other, and more important ways, the acquisition of Samsung’s printer business represents a significant step forward.

While consumer and business printers are still important, the future of print technology goes far beyond those devices. The future of print lies largely in managed print and document services, including cloud printing. By purchasing Samsung’s printer business, HP hopes to gain a larger foothold in this space.

HP is sensing a shift in the world of print, from transactional sales to contractual sales. In the past, businesses purchased standalone or networked printers, hooked them up and relied on the vendor largely for support. Though this exists, there was a significant shift in contractual sales, where the vendor provides ongoing support, not just devices.

HP understands that Samsung has become a leader, and a leading competitor, in the world of print technology. Often it was that leadership position that spurred HP to make the Samsung acquisition. Thus, HP is maintaining relationships with former Samsung employees, recognizing their value in customer service and ongoing support. Eventually, this should be a smart move for HP, and good news for the consumer and the business owner.

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