HPE Brings Artificial Intelligence and Voice Search To The Data Centre

Many industry experts predict that the future of search lies not in the keyboard but the human voice. Voice-based search has been growing in popularity and acceptance in recent years. Devices such as Google Home and Amazon Echo have since been taking centre stage.

Less widely reported is that voice-based search is also making inroads in the business world. It just makes sense that voice search would take hold in this venue, one where time is money.

Anything that can reduce wasted time and provide faster search results is sure to be welcomed in the business world. While Amazon and Google have been in the press, HPE has been quietly bringing artificial intelligence to the data centre.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) recently unveiled the first artificial intelligence guided search recommendation engine in the industry, taking the company one step closer to a genuinely autonomous data centre.

Data centre automation has long been a goal in IT that mostly went unfulfilled, until now. HPE has delivered on a long time promise: extending its state-of-the-art HPE InfoSight product across its entire portfolio.

This predictive search capability gives way for artificial intelligence to provide quality recommendations ensuring the future of automated data centres.

The solution HPE recently unveiled represents the first artificial intelligence recommendation engine in the industry. This AI-based recommendation engine is designed to take the guesswork out of managing IT infrastructure, simplifying the process, lowering costs and ultimately improving reliability.

Anyone who has ever managed a large data centre, or a small one for that matter, know how complicated, expensive and time consuming the job can be. Incorporating artificial intelligence into the recommendation process changes the face of data centre management forever.

To accomplish that lofty goal, HPE InfoSight uses an industry leading platform, one that incorporates predictive analytics to bring software intelligence to the modern data centre. This new InfoSight engine gives data centre managers the ability to predict infrastructure issues before they happen. That, in turn, provides data centre managers a chance to prevent costly breakdowns, reducing downtime and lowering costs.

HPE also recently announced its first release of HPE InfoSight for its HPE 3PAR. This product furthers the promise of incorporating machine learning across the company’s entire storage and server portfolio.

The costs associated with downtime and disruption have never been higher. Modern consumers expect 24/7 service, and even a few minutes of downtime can be extremely costly. Fortunately, the ability to avoid that downtime and those disruptions are right around the corner, thanks to HPE and its predictive voice search solutions. With the release of HPE InfoSight, Hewlett Packard Enterprise has brought the fully autonomous data centre a giant step closer to reality.