Lenovo releases cutting edge, yet simple authentication experiences

Lenovo has recently announced that they would be working with Intel to bring safer, more direct solutions to users by integrating FIDO-certified authenticators into their upcoming PC devices. Intel Online Connect (available on 7th and 8th Generation Intel Core processors) is a service that would allow a user quick and easy access to all their essential websites while doubling down on tougher security and encryption methods. EMPR currently sells Lenovo spare parts for laptops, desktops, and workstations. Click here to see our vast product range.

Traditional two-factor authentication provides an extra layer of security for users in addition to the standard username and password. Should that username and password be stolen by an unauthorized person and they attempt to log into someone’s account a temporary security key can be sent directly to the original account owners designated mobile device via SMS. This means that an unauthorized user could not gain access to the account without also having access to the device this code is sent to. This also potentially alerts the owner that someone is trying to gain access.

In short, traditional two-factor authentications greatly lower the risk of identity theft. However, current authentication methods are not flawless. Even with two-factor authentication, it is still possible for someone to phish the code if it is sent via an email they have access to. In addition, it increases time and steps to the login process for users.

Intel Online Connect, on the other hand, allows users the ability to utilize an encrypted fingerprint reader embedded on the PC to quickly authenticate an account through Universal Authentication Framework (UAF). Once the user enters their username and password information, they would scan their finger with the reader. The authenticators would then provide a unique security key to the website which would grant the user access. The user could also authenticate with the click of an on-screen prompt via Universal 2nd Factor. The security key is securely stored inside the PC’s hardware and reduces the chance of fraud or theft. Customers will not have to wait for a multi-digit code to be sent.

Lenovo systems will be the first to bring this level of authentication technology to consumers. These security measures are built-in and largely improve security as well as ease of use. Merchants will be able to use these new features to offer easier login and security protocols to their clients and customers.

Customers can download Intel Online Connect from Lenovo’s support page. It will also be obtainable through their System Update and App Explorer on all laptops with 7th and 8th Gen Intel Core processors that have enabled Intel SGX.

FIDO has provided a list of websites that will support UAF and U2F authentications including Google, Dropbox, eBay, and Facebook.

This, along with other recent updates to the Lenovo line of products is why we strongly stand behind the brand and the quality of their new product lines.
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