Ransomware, And How To Protect Your Business From It

If you are like other business owners, you store vital information on your networks, like customer data, and project details. Not many business owners understand the risks related to cyber attacks. They never take steps to protect themselves from ransomware, which is a dangerous trap.

Over the last few years, criminals have attacked companies and encrypted each file of a compromised network. These attacks cripple businesses that depend on their networks and databases to perform daily operations, and the attackers then demand a ransom in exchange for decrypting the files. While these attacks are more common than before, you can do several things to stay out of harm’s way.

Update Your Software

A lot of web servers have exploits that allow attackers to execute commands and take control of a network. Once the attacker compromises one machine, the malicious file can spread itself to other machines on the network. Keeping your software patched and updated will add a layer of safety and give you peace of mind.

Educate Your Staff

Some attackers trick employees into opening harmful files, instead of software or hardware exploits, that will take their network hostage. Telling your staff not to open suspicious files or click on random links will take you far when your goal is to safeguard your business from attacks. Also, require your staff to use complex passwords that will be difficult for an attacker to crack if you don’t want unauthorized personnel planting malicious code in your systems.

Use Premium Anti-Virus Software

Cybercriminals are always trying to encrypt and scramble the code in their malware to prevent anti-virus software from detecting and blocking it. But once a strain of ransomware goes public, it does not take long for the top anti-virus companies to get a sample and add the signature to their databases. Some business owners want to save money by using free anti-virus software, but the free versions won’t always offer the best possible protection.

For example, most free anti-virus programs won’t detect exploits or viruses in your system’s memory. Instead, they only discover the infected files when you choose to scan your system for threats, but that window gives ransomware plenty of time to do its job. If you care about your long-term success, paying for a proven anti-virus solution is an investment worth making. EMPR now sells security solutions such as Trend Micro who are known to help businesses secure their endpoints. Don’t wait for a ransomware attack to realise the benefit of security. Call us now so we can keep you safe.

Back up Your Files

Despite your best effort, you can still get infected with ransomware and lose all your files at the worst time. Back up your files to an external hard drive to make your network as secure as possible. Take the extra step and store your critical data on cloud storage to optimize your safety net. At EMPR, we care about business security. Contact us now ar 1300 134 324 or email us to obtain security solutions tailored to your business.

Final Thoughts

Unless you take proactive steps to protect your network from harm, criminals can use malicious software to encrypt your files, demanding a ransom in exchange for releasing your data. Educating your staff, using the latest software and keeping backups can provide you with impressive results.