How Cisco’s New Encrypted Traffic Analytics Protect Your Network

Protect your network and files from unauthorized access by taking every possible step to prevent hackers from compromising your systems. Cisco has just announced the release of its encrypted traffic analytics (ETA) software that will stop attacks in their tracks and move you out of harm’s way. While hackers will encrypt malicious files and exploits to keep their attacks under the radar, ETA can even read and analyze encrypted malware, stopping it before it causes harm. Having ETA on your network will offer an extra layer of safety and give you peace of mind.

How ETA Keeps You Safe

Depending on the size of your company, you probably have countless packets going in and out of your network at any time, and some of those packets could contain malicious code. With ETA watching over your digital communications, it can decrypt and analyze each packet, searching for the signatures of known malware.

If it detects harmful code in any of the packets trying to access your network, ETA will neutralize the threat before you even notice it. You and your staff will be safe from the unthinkable, and enlisting an expert to install ETA can prevent you from facing a disaster from which recovery would be next to impossible. Cisco ETA will scan files and compare them to its database, but it will also upload them to give you cloud-based protection on which you can depend.

Behavioral Detections

New malware variants can avoid detection until anti-virus companies learn about them and add their signatures to the list of known threats. As a result, relying only on signature scans to stop malware from compromising your private data can only go so far. An undetected piece of malware could still infect your network and inflict more damage than you likely suspect, but ETA will have your back. In addition to looking for malware signatures, it also monitors your traffic for suspicious behavior. It aims to detect and block packets that try to infect other programs or execute harmful commands.

Why You Should Care

At this point, you could be asking yourself why you should care about ETA and the advantages with which it can provide you. Even if your company is small, hackers can still strike when you least expect to face the problem, and you don’t want them to catch you off guard. Since hackers commonly encrypt malware to prevent security software from detecting it, ETA might be the only thing standing between you and cyberattackers.

Final Thoughts

When you consider the amount of damage a cyber attack can inflict on your company, you will see why ETA is an investment worth considering. It will monitor and scan all of the devices on your network to stop malware before it’s too late. ETA is right for you if you don’t want to take unneeded risks when it comes to your business, and you can get started right away. Hackers won’t stand a chance when you take steps to keep your network as secure as possible, and you will know you have made the wise move.