HPE OneSphere

HPE OneSphere: World’s Most Advanced SaaS-Based Multi-Cloud Management System

Introducing HPE OneSphere

HPE OneSphere is the first multi-cloud management solution that offers a simplified yet unified service. It covers a range of private clouds, public clouds, hybrid variations, as well as software-driven infrastructure. This is achieved by letting clients access various IT resources – whether it be data, apps, and more – that reside within the cloud structure. Not only does this optimize resources, but it also allows apps and programs to be deployed faster, and helps minimize disruptions due to failovers.

The Need for Simplified Multi-cloud Management

Managing single server environments has its challenges; managing multi-cloud environments is even more so. Having to configure, maintain, and regularly upgrade that multi-cloud environment means more time, resources, and of course, capital. This adds a layer of complexity and administration that can skew your environment towards success, or else plunge into a technological lethargy. So what do we need now? A comprehensive yet scalable multi-cloud solution that both reduces limitations yet lets your organization access data and applications simply and easily. And there is a solution: HPE OneSphere.

The Power of HPE OneSphere

If you are aiming to take advantage of different technology infrastructures to increase your client experience, then HPE OneSphere may be for you. Key advantages include the following:

Increased simplicity and application delivery for all types of users: With HPE OneSphere, IT administrators can adapt quickly to the needs and requests of developers and other users. This means that developers can create their apps faster. And that means end-users can enjoy simpler systems in no time at all.

Greater flexibility regardless of infrastructure model: Selecting a cloud management system used to be difficult; you needed to find the right vendor that could work with your particular infrastructure configure. With HPE OneSphere, that difficulty ends. It can work with multiple types of cloud configuration within a single infrastructure, OneSphere can change when your cloud configuration does.

Better resource view and allocation: Do you how efficient your current system in? Do you know how you could allocate finances better? With HPE OneSphere, you know.  Regardless of your cloud configurations and software deployments, HPE OneSphere offers a single scene of your organization’s usage and costs This lets CIOs review, adjust, and then optimize both spending and resources. Data can also be broken down by different factors, such as cloud, application, or user set.

Specifically, the main features of HPE OneSphere include: 

A multi-cloud architecture that easily adapts to various cloud combinations.

Seamlessly integrated usage regardless of the cloud structure, location of applications and data, and user needs.

Customizable workspaces based on built-in roles for your business’ unique sets of users.

Resource pool that is API-driven and software-defined.

Pay-for-use subscription licensing model.

Through its unified multi-cloud solution, HPE OneSphere streamlines development and operations that reduce resource usage, improves productivity, and creates revenue savings. HPE OneSphere – the latest digital transformation has arrived.