Streamlined Work Solutions with the HP ZBook

Technology is continually evolving, transforming the way people work and play. However, technology also responds to specific needs, seeking to enhance its own usability. While the smartphone and tablet have led the way for the past decade, the future will look to HP’s new detachable ZBook.

The idea of a detachable PC workstation is certainly nothing new. In many respects, tablets have served this function for years. However, using a tablet requires extra work to sync up with the main computer station. This creates extra hassles and more opportunities for mismanagement. In short, in the workplace, it is a serious limitation.

The HP ZBook x2 seeks to overcome those limitations and achieve more on all fronts. The main benefits exist on two distinct but equally important levels. First, there is power. Second, there is compatibility.

To start with power, look at the device’s quad-core Intel® Core™ processor. The device will have twice as much memory as comparable products. In practical application, users will appreciate graphics performance that is 73 percent higher than the popular Surface Pro4. This power is maintained with a dual-fan system, which is refined to counteract the heat generated by the graphics card and processor. Quick Keys, which is an application with customization options, is included to allow for multiple system shortcuts.

The ZBook is not merely powerful. It is also versatile. It is intended to replace the need for a laptop and a tablet. The increased compatibility is only natural since the ZBook is not two linked devices. Instead, it is a single device that can be separated into two distinct parts. To this end, the ZBook can be used in many ways. It has a laptop mode, which allows users to manipulate a keyboard. Detached mode, by contrast, functions like a tablet. Docked mode is just as impressive with additional display screens with unparalleled 4K quality. The last mode is tablet mode, wherein users have access to full graphics performance on the go.

To better grasp what the ZBook can do, consider a sampling of its specifications. The pen never needs to be charged and uses Wacom EMR technology for superior sensitivity. In the realm of security, the hardware is encrypted, and the device can be locked for facial recognition or fingerprint readers. The device has a die-cast magnesium body with a starting weight of 3.64 pounds, making it easy to transport. The screen is enhanced with anti-glare technology. Best of all, the ZBook has 4.2 GHz and 32 GB of RAM. This is absolutely necessary when running complicated software. When detached, the unit has up to 10 hours of battery life.

The detailed specifications offer more exciting insights into what this device can do for those in need of dynamic work solutions. The HP ZBook is being heavily marketed to those in creative industries. Digital storytellers, in particular, can see benefits in the power and scale of the ZBook. Take a closer look to see what the ZBook can do for you.

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