Lenovo Expands its Focus on Telecom and Internet of Things

Lenovo Expands its Focus on Telecom and Internet of Things

Lenovo has recently announced plans for expansion that will eventually enable it to offer greater support to the telecom and IoT infrastructure via the delivery of new disruptive software-defined solutions. This bold new move is a direct result of Lenovo recording its highest revenue quarter in two years. The Lenovo Data Center Group (DCG) is powering on in its journey to deliver a customer-centric product that will hopefully replace the industry norm of expensive legacy solutions.

The company is aiming to capitalise on its growth with the launch of several new telecommunication and internet of things offerings, as well as greater software-defined networking capabilities. Two of these upcoming solutions are specifically aiming to provide infrastructure for virtual networks to leading telecoms operators around the world. Another new initiative is “the industry’s first centralised scaling of C-RAN for 5G base stations”, in which it is partnering with China Mobile.

Lenovo has come on in leaps and bounds ever since it transitioned its data center focus to fall in line with the needs of its hyperscale customers, enterprise customers, and high-performance computing (HPC) customers by rapidly pushing its new cloud and artificial intelligence technologies, all with the aim of introducing dramatically simpler levels of operational functionality. The next phase of Lenovo’s transformation is focused entirely on the telecom infrastructure and global IoT requirements of its clientele.

Lenovo has only relatively recently completed its acquisition of IBM’s x86 server business after having bought its PC manufacturing operation way back in 2005. The completion of the x86 server deal now means that Lenovo is in a much better position to challenge for a greater share of the data centre server market or any market that needs servers. Lenovo vice president and president of Lenovo Data Canter Group, Kirk Skaugen, said “Lenovo is accelerating our telecom and IoT plans based on strong global customer demand. Our goal is to earn customers’ trust as the world’s most trusted data center and communications infrastructure provider, unencumbered by the protectionism seen from providers driving proprietary and expensive legacy solutions.

Lenovo is hoping to bolster its chances in the highly competitive industry, by recruiting a strong selection of executives to help the company continue its hitherto unprecedented progress. Robert Vrij joined Lenovo as senior vice president, Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) president and head of worldwide global accounts, including the global communication service providers for Lenovo Data Center Group.