HPE Launches New Artificial Intelligence Solutions

According to a recent press release, Hewlett-Packard Enterprises (HPE) is poised to release new offerings that will be designed to help customers increase, optimize, and scale artificial intelligence (AI). Usage throughout a variety of business functions to help realise outcomes such as improved operational efficiency, better demand forecasting, and increased sales.

There are several new offerings from HPE, all of which are designed to provide enterprises with viable AI use cases, as well as building adequate technological environments that will support the workload of their AI systems. These solutions include:

  • HPE Digital Prescriptive Maintenance Services: This will be the first in a series of AI-enabled offerings from HPE Pointnext, which looks to automate problem prevention while simultaneously increasing the productivity of industrial equipment.
  • HPE Artificial Intelligence Transformation Workshop: This will act as the customer’s starting point when it comes to embracing AI-enabled tech. With consulting expertise from HPE Pointnext, businesses will be able to progress their strategic data and analytics initiatives, as well as prioritize AI usage instances.
  • HPE Apollo 6500 Gen10 System: A next-generation, high-performance computing system that benefits from being purpose-built for deep learning, that promises to deliver a 3x faster model training than previous generations.

HPE has also extended its AI partner ecosystem through by renewing its reseller agreement with WekalO, that promises to deliver optimized storage performance in AI environments.

PricewaterhouseCoopers predicts that the global GDP will grow by around 14% by 2030 as a direct result of businesses implementing AI. Increased labor productivity, as well as a better capability to deal with consumer demand, will be the most impactful business outcomes, that will lead to the predicted $15.7 trillion increase. While the future of artificial intelligence is undoubtedly promising, at present, the current rates of adoption are rather low. Gartner’s 2018 CIO Agenda Survey, estimates that only around four percent of CIOs around the world have implemented AI, while a further 46 percent have developed plans to do so in the future.

These new offering will enable customers to explore, expand, and evolve all AI applications that are aligned with the needs of their business and the industry that it is aiming to succeed in. HPE Digital Prescriptive Maintenance Services will offer a prescriptive maintenance service as opposed to a more conventional predictive maintenance programme. The key difference being, instead of merely detecting when equipment is likely to fail, prescriptive maintenance not only predicts, but also suggests, and automates the right action to rectify the problem before it causes any major harm.

Experts at the McKinsey Global Institute believe that AI-enabled asset maintenance can lead to up to 20 percent EBIT improvement in certain industries by increasing capital productivity. HPE’s solutions and consulting services will be backed by purpose-built tech which is adequately powered to enable customers’ AI deployments. To handle multiple tasks simultaneously, high-performance GPU accelerators will be required. These services are already available in Europe and will be introduced to the global market at various stages throughout 2018.