HPE’s New Nimble Storage Adaptive Flash Array with Veeam Integration Will Change the Way You Use Backup Data

HPE’s Nimble Storage has taken its partnership with Veeam Software to the next level with the next generation of Nimble Storage Adaptive Flash Arrays, which combines flash arrays with Veeam backup software into one data backup solution. What makes their integration so special? This new data backup solution is about much more than keeping a copy of data and storing it for disaster protection. It also gives you the ability to leverage the data you store by restoring granularly so that you can quickly and easily test individual files, all within one system.

Making Data More Useful

In a Q&A session with Jason Leiva (Solutions Architect, Veeam) and Besnik Zekiri (Data Solution Architect, CDW), Leiva remarked, “people seem to find new uses every day” when it comes to this innovative secondary storage system. However, most users are excited about three major benefits that make backup better:

  1. Bug fixes without the risks

Often, an entire server crash is not the reason you need to access your backup data. Maybe you need to retrieve a specific folder that became corrupted, or you need an earlier copy of something that was edited. The new Nimble Storage Adaptive Flash Array with Veeam software allows you to get a read-only copy of any specific backup files you want to update or test, without having to restore all the data in a backup.

Also, forget the need to set up an additional environment to work with that data. Instead, you can use the secondary storage you already have as a testing environment, without the risk of overwriting original data or the need to make additional investments.

  1. Data integrity checks in an automated fashion

This secondary storage solution tests the integrity of the backups it performs, without you having to recover a backup to check if it’s usable.

  1. Combat ransomware

In the case of ransomware, you can test the recoverability of backup data and ensure which backups may have files that aren’t encrypted or compromised.

Got a Need for Speed?

HPE Nimble Storage and Veeam Software originally partnered over five years ago with the goal of improving data availability on a primary storage system. What makes this partnership so valuable when it comes to backup and recovery is that it’s brought the speed and ease of true flash array to the realm of secondary storage.

Flash array technology lets you quickly get to a specific restore you need rather than slowly restoring everything. By doing granular data retrievals, you can put your backup data to work for developmental testing, quality assurance, analytics and more. In the case that you do need your backup for disaster recovery, you can restore all your data with better speed and efficiency.

Final Words

Speed and leverage aren’t only advantages with this new backup data system. According to Zekiri, “ease of use and simplicity” makes it better than other systems. Having a secondary array built with flash gives you a high-performance capability that consolidates the entire process of test dev.