EMPR has added IBM Server parts and upgrades to the existing offering from technology vendors Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) and Dell Technologies. This addition means you only need to contact one company for your requirements meaning less hassle for you.

EMPR is your local trusted source for the supply of parts and upgrades for legacy IBM System X Servers and Storage Systems. We can supply the full range of upgrades and parts including:- Hard Drives, SSD’s, Memory, Processes, Power Supplies, Network Cards, Controllers, Fan Kit plus much more.

Contact our Enterprise Sales Team with your request on 1300 134 324 or email us at enterprisesales@emprgroup.com.au

Parts and Upgrades supported for:

  • IBM System x3105, x3100, x3100 M3, x3100 M4, x3100 M5
  • IBM System x3200, x3200 M2, x3200 M3, x3250, x3250 M2, x3250 M3, x3250 M4, x3250 M5, x3250 M6
  • IBM System x3300 M3, x3300 M4
  • IBM System x3350
  • IBM System x3400, x3400 M2, x3400 M3, x3450, x3455
  • IBM System x3500, x3500 M2, x3500 M3, x3500 M4
  • IBM System x3530 M3, x3530 M4
  • IBM System x3550, x3550 M2, x3550 M3, x3550 M4, x3550 M5
  • IBM System x3620 M3
  • IBM System x3630 M3, x3630 M4
  • IBM System x3650, x3650T, x3655, x3650 M2, x3650 M3, x3650 M4, x3650 M4 HD, x3650 M4 BD, 3650 M5
  • IBM System x3690 X5
  • IBM System x3750 M4
  • IBM System x3755, x3755 M3
  • IBM System x3800, x3850, x3850 M2, x3850 X5, x3850 X6
  • IBM System x3950, x3950 M2, x3950 X5, x3950 X6
  • IBM System Storage DS3200
  • IBM System Storage DS3300
  • IBM System Storage DS3400
  • IBM System Storage DS4000

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