HPE Launches New Artificial Intelligence Solutions

According to a recent press release, Hewlett-Packard Enterprises (HPE) is poised to release new offerings that will be designed to help customers increase, optimize, and scale artificial intelligence (AI). Usage throughout a variety of business functions to help realise outcomes such as improved operational efficiency, better demand forecasting, and increased sales.

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How Artificial Intelligence Will Change Your Infastructure needs

Chief Information Officers and other information technology leaders realize the importance of maintaining their information technology infrastructure capabilities in line with technological advances so their customers can get the services and performance they expect to keep their business growing. Large or small, all businesses have been impacted by the increasing availability of artificial intelligence (AI) systems. Whether it’s advanced analytics or machine learning, traditional IT infrastructure configurations don’t necessarily deliver the best performance for these applications. Artificial intelligence applications and services are notorious for consuming large amounts of data and requiring fast networks and storage with low I/O latency. A good system engineer will realize the key infrastructure attributes needed for high-performance AI solutions and incorporate those in its systems design.

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