Detecting Cryptocurrency Mining Malware with Machine Learning

As with many internet experiences, hackers and scammers are alive and well. From identity theft and fraud to false sales and more, threats are out there and non protected devices are at risk. Cryptocurrency mining is no different, with hackers standing to make thousands or even millions if their scams and schemes come to fruition.

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GDPR Extortion Attempts Are on the Rise Says Trend Micro

Antivirus and cybersecurity tech firm Trend Micro recently announced that GDPR extortion attempts are on the rise, with cybercriminals likely gearing up to attach larger organizations as they work to ensure compliance with the European Union privacy laws. Hackers and scammers can hold companies hostage by leveraging the power to take over control on vital aspects of these corporations if they gain access to their Internet of Things (IoT) devices or other devices on their network.

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