Detecting Cryptocurrency Mining Malware with Machine Learning

As with many internet experiences, hackers and scammers are alive and well. From identity theft and fraud to false sales and more, threats are out there and non protected devices are at risk. Cryptocurrency mining is no different, with hackers standing to make thousands or even millions if their scams and schemes come to fruition.

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How Cisco’s New Encrypted Traffic Analytics Protect Your Network

Protect your network and files from unauthorized access by taking every possible step to prevent hackers from compromising your systems. Cisco has just announced the release of its encrypted traffic analytics (ETA) software that will stop attacks in their tracks and move you out of harm’s way. While hackers will encrypt malicious files and exploits to keep their attacks under the radar, ETA can even read and analyze encrypted malware, stopping it before it causes harm. Having ETA on your network will offer an extra layer of safety and give you peace of mind.