What is our purpose? What guides us?

“To drive the success of EMPR and our customers by delivering personalised solutions supported by exceptional products and innovative technology.”

Our Vision

The foundation of our vision is the reason our customers believe in our ability to deliver. 


Nurture an empowering culture which encourages innovative thinking, collaboration and a passion for excellence.


Deliver the best outcome for our customers by creating, building and strengthening trusted relationships with industry-leading business partners and suppliers.


We are industry experts. Through insight and knowledge, we create innovative solutions with premium hardware and tailored services.

Our Values

Our values represent attitudes and behaviours that are key to creating and maintaining a winning, caring culture.

Passion: An innate thirst to strive for better within yourself and all that you do.

Leadership: We are led by integrity, drawing on our knowledge to provide honest guidance and support with a hands-on approach.

Quality: Our Quality System constantly audits our Business Processes to ensure we always deliver to globally recognised industry standards.

Innovation: Explore the possibility of achieving the impossible and recognise that there are always alternatives. Be creative and think outside the box.

Accountability: Take responsibility for everything you do. Deliver on your promises and learn from any mistakes you make along the way.